Spooky Slots

Creepy and spooky slots are a great option for those who enjoying playing great casino games with amazing themes. In fact, creepy and spooky slots are some of the most popular types of games in legal online casinos. And, since online casinos follow the trends of the people – they spend a fortune on developing creepy and spooky slots games. It’s good to know that the Netent casino slots are definitely among the best ones. Have a peek at these guys if you want to enjoy high-quality slots with no deposit bonus deals. So, they have an abundance of great games you can choose from.

What we really love about spooky slots and slot games in general is that they are the best beginner-friendly option for gambling online. You don’t need almost any skill or previous knowledge, so you can easily find your way around them. Besides this, they are fun and have a lot of unique features, and coming from different game developers, they also feature some really authentic bonus games within the game. It is basically the easiest way to have fun through a nice gameplay and there are a lot to choose from.

Some Features of Horror-Themed Creepy Slots

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you probably seek great horror themed creepy and spooky slots. Luckily for you, these are some of the best games offered by casino websites. They can come in various forms and types, but the main features are more or less the same:


Wilds are classic symbols. You can find them in most modern online slots- and they substitute all other symbols on the reels. Basically, they help you form a winning combination. Of course, wilds don’t substitute Scatter or Bonus icons, but they are great for helping you win money easily.

They also come in different forms too – you have expanding wilds, stacked wilds, sticky wilds, shifting and transferring wilds, all of them really helpful for your goal to win money on the slots.

Free Spins and Bonus Games

Most of the popular modern slots feature in-game bonus games and free spins. You can trigger these by landing three or more scatter icons anywhere on the reels, and although such bonus features might vary from one game developer to another, they generally award you with a prize multiplier.


The jackpot is the favorite part of any slot game, and there are different types of jackpots. If you want to play it casually, you can play a slot with a regular jackpot, but if you seek to make big cash, you should probably opt for a slot with a progressive jackpot (it increases the more the game is played).

Creepy themes

It is needless to say that the slots are themed, and they might have different symbols and themes, and if you like horror casino slots, you can play some of the creepiest here. The spooky themes might feature Halloween, creepy ghosts, murder weapons and other scary items that will give you the chills easily. Nevertheless, they are incredibly fun to play

Using casino bonuses

One of the best things about the slots is that you have a chance to play them for free. Using the casino bonuses offered by the best casinos, you can play the spooky slots games for free all while having a go at winning real money prizes. For instance, you have the no deposit casino bonus which is free money give to you in its essence. Besides this one, you can also take advantage of the welcome bonus as it increases the first deposit you make, significantly.

Best Online Spooky Casino Slots

If you like the creepiest suggestions for spooky slots games you can play at legal online casinos – here are the best yet creepy games you should definitely try at least once:


This is absolutely the best game for those who want a bit of mystery in their gambling. It features 5 reels and 20 paylines that are simply amazing for winning money and having fun.

Creature from the Black Lagoon Slot

The slot is based on the 50s black and white monster horror movie. And, although somewhat old, it is still one of the most epic games ever developed.

Psycho Slot

If you are a fan of Alfred Hitchcock’s work, you’ll surely enjoy this incredibly spooky slots game – it is super-fun but it definitely is one of the most serious and scary slots ever invented.


NetEnt outdid themselves with this amazingly interesting creepy slot.

Lost Vegas

You can choose which team to join, and in this 5-reel game, you have exactly 243 ways to win!

Blood Suckers

This vampire-themed spooky slots game is great for those who like playing games with coffins, bats, garlic and crosses – it is simply breathtaking.