Haunted Houses

In the world there are many places to which the supernatural presence is attributed. But one thing is the rumors and speculation about the voices and steps that are heard or the strange shadows that roam in one place or another, and another is when you can photograph these presences.

Bright Side made a selection of the most famous buildings where some visitors managed to capture ghost images. These photos have been investigated by professionals who have concluded that they are authentic.

We can discuss whether or not they were processed by Photoshop, but the macabre stories and the spooky atmosphere of these buildings alone make their visitors feel uncomfortable.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, United Kingdom

This gloomy castle is the champion of the number of ghosts that inhabit there. The ghost of the Lone Piper or lonely Piper who was lost in the labyrinths of the castle and did not leave him after his death, the ghost of the drummer of the army of Oliver Cromwell, the ghost of the spirit that walks through the local cemetery, the ghosts of French prisoners and citizens who died of the bubonic plague.

In addition to these “famous” ghosts, visitors find other unidentified spirits, hear cries, steps and many begin to feel bad.

Myrtles Plantation, Lousiana, United States

It is one of the most famous haunted houses in the United States. The ghost of the slave Chloe roams the plantation. According to a legend, the owner caught Chloe listening to a conversation on the threshold of a door and cut off his ear. Chloe got angry and baked the owner a poisoned cake that accidentally ate his wife and three daughters. The desperate owner directed his anger to all the slaves in the mansion, executing anyone who, according to him, was a suspect. In turn, the slaves lynched Chloe.

Since then, the spirit of the tortured slave appears from time to time and attracts both the investigators of the supernatural and common tourists to the mansion.

Queen’s House, Greenwich, London, United Kingdom

This white house decorated with ebony was the place of the imprisonment of Ana Bolena, Catalina Howard (the fifth wife of Henry VIII), Lady Jane Gray and Queen Elizabeth I. Until today, on the tulip ladder, she walks from time to time. ghost of a gray lady (it is not known which of the prisoners she would be).
In 1966 photographer Ralph Hardy managed to capture the ghost’s silhouette up the stairs. Kodak experts determined that the photo was authentic. In addition to the gray lady, in Queen´s House there are other anomalies: the singing of a children’s choir is heard and suddenly the ghost of a woman who cleans the blood from the floor appears.

Newby Church, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The Newby church since its construction did not stand out for the presence of ghosts, however in 1964 the Rev. KF Lords took a photo of the altar, and at the time of printing it a spooky ghost of a size of 9 feet (275 cm) was discovered .
The ghost of the photo had the contours so clear that the authenticity of the image raised doubts, but the experts after examining it, concluded that it was no trick. Isn’t it that this image inspired the creators of “Scream”?

Port Arthur prison, Tasmania, Australia

In the 19th century, Port Arthur was a prison where a large number of prisoners unable to withstand the harsh living and working conditions died. Now this old building is half destroyed, and nobody resides there. No one less ghosts. At night you hear footsteps, creaking door sounds, and the lights flicker in the windows. Port Arthur has become a true mecca for all lovers of the supernatural.

Winchester Mansion, San Jose, California, United States

The house in California was bought by Sarah Winchester, the daughter-in-law of the gunsmith Oliver Winchester in 1884. After the death of her son and after her husband, Sarah went to a psychic who told her that all the misfortunes of her family were due to the spirits of people killed by the weapons created by Winchester.
So that the avenging spirits did not reach her, Sarah redesigned and remodeled her house making it incredibly huge (it has about 10,000 windows!).
After Sarah’s death in the mansion, strange things began to happen: shadows are seen in the mirrors, the doors are thundering, the objects are moving. According to the mystical version, it is the spirits that are looking for Sarah so far wandering the endless halls of her house. Rumors of ghosts attract crowds of tourists to this house, and it is said to be the most extravagant attraction in California.

Berry Pomeroy Castle, Devon, United Kingdom

Visitors to this castle for no reason begin to feel depression, fear and irritation in their territory. The reason for that, in the opinion of many, is the White Lady’s ghost, which has been seen multiple times within these gloomy walls. The locals say it is the spirit of Margaret Poumroy, whom her sister Eleanor locked up in a tower with envy and left her without eating for 20 days until the poor woman died. The semi-transparent ghost is often seen floating on the tower of Santa Margarita.

St David’s Cathedral, Wales, United Kingdom

The cathedral is a place of pilgrimage for religious Britons, as it keeps the relics of St. David, patron of Wales. The image was taken in 2006 by Simon Eastop, supposedly showing St. David with a shield, since, according to legend, St. David fought with the devil on the roof of the cathedral.

Raynham Hall, Norfolk, United Kingdom

The mansion of the Marquis Townshend is world famous thanks to the ghost of The Brown Lady who in life was the wife of Marquis Townshend Dorothy. The ghost has bothered the mansion’s visitors since the 19th century, and in 1936 the photographer Indre Shira, who was invited to photograph the interior of the mansion, managed to capture The Brown Lady in an image. This photo is probably one of the most famous ghost images in history.

The Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Louisville, Kentucky, United States

It is one of the most spooky and bleak places in the United States. It used to be a sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. He became famous for the “tunnel of death”, the corridor through which employees secretly removed the bodies of the deceased so that their companions would not realize their death. Precisely in that tunnel, the ghosts began to be seen.
In addition to the spirits of the sick, in one of the rooms lives the spirit of a nurse, who while pregnant discovered that she was sick with tuberculosis and hung around her neck.