Horror Movies

In its wide catalog Netfix has room for all genres of cinema, and among all of them it has some of the best horror movies, both classic and most recent and current cinema. If you like scare movies and have a bad time in front of the screen, we have compiled for you the 10 best horror and scary movies in 2019.

In the preparation of this list we have chosen a series of titles that cover not only different periods, but also different themes of the horror film genre: ghosts, demons, serial killers … and that is that horror has many faces, since The slasher to the supernatural horror.

The Thing (1982)

With the premiere of The Thing , John Carpenter gave rise to one of the main cult horror movies. The very concept behind the enemy alien is the key: it can take the form of any of the members of the film’s main team, so the terror lies in not knowing who the “traitor” can be. Ok, it also gives a bit of repelús to see the monstrous forms that the monster takes and the casque that can get to organize …

Kurt Russell was the protagonist of The thing , in one of his most remembered roles, in addition to the music of Ennio Morricone, who seemed to whisper “restless.” The sequel / prequel to 2011, although it was correct, failed to surprise as the original movie did. Here you can read our review of The thing . By the way, do you remember the PS2, Xbox and PC video game?

The Devil’s Backbone (2001)

Guillermo del Toro has become a director associated with fantasy and horror films, but hybrid genre as evidenced by his Oscar-winning form of water. But, certainly, the goat throws to the mount and the best films of Del Toro are precisely those of terror, or at least with a strong dose of this element.

The Devil’s backbone is one of the productions for which the director has shown his fascination for the supernatural and for the Spanish postwar period. Marisa Paredes, Eduardo Noriega, and Federico Luppi star in this film set in an orphanage during the Civil War. Ghosts, sinister secrets, and some twisted script twists are the main elements of one of Netflix Spain’s best horror movies in 2019 .

The Orphanage (2007)

And from one Spanish orphanage, we jump to another, as described by Juan Antonio Bayona in this 2007 horror film. Belén Rueda and Fernando Cayo embody a marriage that comes to live a mansion with their young son, Simon. Laura (Rueda) is a woman who had lived as a child in the mansion, an orphanage at the time. Now that the house is abandoned, he intends to convert it into a children’s home, however Simon’s disappearance will complicate his plans, giving way to a nightmare.

The Orphanage is one of the most phantoms of the Spanish scary cinema and its house, like thatof Alejandro Others in Amenábar, one of the most famous mansions of horror movies.

Insidious (2010)

Insidious is a supernatural and shocking story that will surely make you shiver with fear. Not in vain is the best of horror movies on Netflix today . James Wan is the director of this supernatural horror film, starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne. The film has been so successful that it currently has three more films. The last one, Insidious: The last key , arrived in 2018 as a prequel.

The first installment of the Insidious saga tells the ordeal of a marriage that is the victim of the possession of different ghostly creatures from the astral plane. Only the help of a demonologist and his team can save the family … or not?

Sinister (2012)

In the Sinister cocktail shaker many elements are mixed that are cool in a horror movie : we have a serial killer with a past as unknown as disturbing; We have murky documents registered on old 8mm tapes; and we have Ethan Hawke, who since Gattaca is an uncle we like.


Although it did not succeed in the long term like the previous Insidious or Warren File , this representative of the new wave of terror proposed a very correct plot, a well-worked atmosphere … And of course, an end that had to wait to see. Your world will not change, but it will hold you with tense arms while it lasts.

Creep (2014)

Patrick Brice directs this film of the subgenre of false documentary, similar to the aforementioned Monstrous or The Blair Witch Project . It is a horror tape that follows in the footsteps of a video technician who is hired through an Internet aggregator. After meeting the client, you will discover that what he wants from him is not exactly what was stipulated in his contract. And it is that even the seemingly more bland work can hide a serial killer from the most depraved.

As a film in general, and due to its low budget, Creep suffers from some important shortcomings. However, it will surely please fans of horror and fear movies.

Under the shadow (2016)

And now, an Iranian film movie … horror! The director Babak Anvari presents this film, shot in Persian, and which is set in Iran in 1980 during the conflict between Iraq and Iran . It tells the terror that a mother and a daughter suffer in their house in Tehran when they are persecuted by a mysterious evil.


Mother and daughter soon discover that behind the harassment is a djinn (an evil genius), who intends to scare them and terrorize them to madness using a series of terrifying apparitions. Under the shadow ( Under the shadow ) was a horror movie that you can now watch on non-American Netflix highly valued at the Sundance Festival . For something it will be, right?

Errementari: The blacksmith and the Devil

Possibly, the most unique proposal of this list of best scary movies of Netflix … And also one of the ones that surprised us the most. Errementari dives in the folklore and fears of northern Spain, to such an extent that the entire film is recorded in Euskalki, a variant of Basque already extinct.

As we told you in our review of Errementari , photography and artistic design play a fundamental role in the viewing of this film, which takes us to a gloomy nineteenth-century village in which a blacksmith seems to hide a terrible secret. Is there a murderer loose? Is the devil himself behind everything?

Veronica (2017)

Paco Plaza is responsible for this Spanish horror movie that you can watch on Netflix. Set in Madrid in 1991, Verónica narrates, in a very free way, events that occurred in Vallecas that year. The plot follows Verónica (Sandra Escacena), a teenager who, together with her friends, would conduct several sessions of spiritualism with disastrous consequences.

And this ouija session would only be the prelude to one of the most complicated cases that the National Police has faced since the events narrated in Veronica are one of the few dossiers that contain clear evidence of paranormal activity. If you want to know more about her, don’t miss our review of Veronica.

The Apostle (2018)

One of the little surprises of 2018 came with The Apostle, a different Netflix horror movie, that did not seek to scare us through monsters or impossible spooky beings, but in view of how terrible human behavior can be, if People are taken to extreme circumstances.

The brilliant work of the cast, the uneasy atmosphere that is gradually being built and the great assembly work (thanks to the direction of Gareth Evans) transfer us to a “rural” film that will let you leave your body a little out of place. Here you can read our review of The Apostle.